Inner Voice


 Thoughts often lead to personal inquiry about who we think we are, as opposed to what others see, and to the degree to which we feel we can live with the difference. The disconnect comes from from our internal voice, which  to phrase kindly, always tries to put a shine on a rusty pot.  

Writing can be a humbling experience, especially when the writer has to confront          their inner voice with a  conversation that sounds something like, "Don't lie to me!"      The subject  matter of the conversation can vary, but the outcome will always be            honesty if the conversation is forceful enough.

For those of you who don't write, consider the voice that says you need to lose a few pounds - congratulates you when you do, then says nothing when you gain the weight back.

 Same voice.

It presides over our lives, and  makes it difficult to judge the results of our efforts.         That pesky voice won't tell a writer the most important element in writing is what the      reader wants and expects. Not the other way around.

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