Slow down, don't just dash away

Ever pause while writing, and consider the em and en dash, or their little partner, the hyphen? Reading about them doesn't ease my anxiety, especially when I realize that someone, somewhere, has made a decision that there shall be no spaces, except for the poor hanging hyphen. Then, only a space on the right. Really?

I  personally don't  like a dash that touches an adjacent letter. The hyphen seems normal, and doesn't catch my attention. The others just don't feel right - like too many exclamation points!!!, or the USE OF TOO MANY CAPITOL LETTERS.  I know, I'm a little strange, but I admit it, so it I can't be held accountable. I hate arbitrary rules, or what I see as arbitrary rules. It is comforting to know that James Frye is alive and well out there to provide a balance between what is important, and what isn't. Whatdoyathink?

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