Tarzan Wore Chaps publication

Tarzan Wore Chaps is now available on Amazon. The Kindle version will be available soon. A short summary of the book from the back cover reads: The year is 1956. After surviving polio and an eye operation, a ten year old boy escapes into a world of imagination where Tarzan rules the escarpment, and witches lurk behind shuttered windows. Follow Woody as he makes youthful mistakes, and tries to come to grips with getting older, unaware of the escalating Vietnam conflict.  Tarzan Wore Chaps is a book for the young, and for those who want to be young again. Come romp dark alleys, and play hide-and-seek in a world before terrorism when children ruled the night.  

I wrote this book to describe the compelling world of imagination that lived in me, and  to varying degrees, in all children.  A world free from terrorism, racism, and the judgement of others.  I still wish I could go back...

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